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BT ISDN Price Guide


People use their ISDN 2e lines in many different ways. That's why BT have a number of different Price Options, designed to reflect your calling patterns and offering great value.

Start Up BT's most popular ISDN 2e package. For those who will easily make 60 worth of calls per quarter. Conversion of a standard BT analogue line costs 49 (normally 99). Connection 199.
Call Plan For those whose call spend regularly exceeds 120 per quarter. Call Plan offers free conversion (normally 49) and a connection price of 99. The Call Plan fee per quarter is 195 which means Call Plan also has the lowest net rental price of 75 if you use all of the call allowance each quarter.
Low Start If you anticipate having a low call spend or will be using Least Cost Routing (LCR) with another carrier and are unlikely to meet the inclusive call allowances of Start Up and Call Plan then Low Start is ideal. Rental is 93 per quarter. To convert to ISDN 2e from a BT analogue line costs 99 (normally 149), a new connection costs 249.

Pricing Options Comparison Table

Option Connection Charges Conversion Charges Rental Charges per qtr Inclusive call allowance per qtr
Start Up
Call Plan
Low Start

Prices quoted excl VAT, for full pricing details and options such as DDI, MSN and select services please click here to view the BT ISDN2e price list.


Connection Charges

  Cost per Channel, 1 year term contract Cost per Channel, 3-5 year term contract Cost per Channel, 3-5 year term contract & BT Customer Commitment
First 15 Channels each
125.00 *
80.00 *
0.00 *
Each subsequent channel
DDI Connection Charges DDI connection charges planning fee charged 100 per number range.
10 per block of 10 numbers for Quota and Non-Quota.

* 8 Channels minimum entry level

A connection of 20 channels on a 1 year term contract costs 2,025.
A connection of 20 channels on a 3-5 year term contract costs 1,275.
A connection of 20 channels on a 3-5 year term contract with BT Customer Commitment is free.

BT Customer Commitment is available to customers who spend more than 10,000 per year on calls with BT.

You can reconnect ISDN 30 lines to BT for free where there are existing ISDN 30 lines and suitable equipment.

Rental Charges

Product Quarterly rental - cost per channel for DDI Quota* Quarterly rental - cost per channel for DDI Non-Quota
ISDN 30e/I.421

*DDI Quota gives 10 DDI numbers for each ISDN 30 channel rented.

Note: Customers can only order DDI Quota in blocks of 10 DDI numbers per channel and must take up the full allocation of 10 DDI numbers per channel.

Please note: All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

For full pricing including all DDI options and ISDN services please click here to see the BT ISDN30e Price List.